Simulacra: Pipe Dreams

I have mentioned before that there is another game after Simulacra. It has a similar concept of the previous games so I suggest you read the blog post, you don’t have to, it’s your choice. (Warning, the game contains flashing lights and horror elements that are not suggested for the fainthearted) (And spoiler?) Blog posts of similar games: (well, they were made by the same person) Sara is missing: Simulcra blog post: Another Simularca game by the game developer Kaigan Games OÜ. This has been the third game in the SIM game series. Unlike the previous Simulacra games, … Continue reading Simulacra: Pipe Dreams


As I have said before, I will be talking about Simulacra, so here it is. (Because this is similar to Sara is Missing [well it is made by the same game developer], it will have horror elements which are not suitable for the fainthearted) (Spoilers, duh) Simulacra, the plural of simulacrum, is “an image or representation of someone or something.” according to google dictionary, and “is a representation or imitation of a person or thing” according to Wikipedia. The word derives from the definition Latin word “simulacrum”, meaning likeness and similarity. Simulacra is a game similar to Sara is Missing … Continue reading Simulacra

Super Mario

One of the childhood game that I played when I was younger and it’s probably how I got interested in video games. New games come out pretty often so let me just explain about the series a bit. Previously I have also talked about Bowsette and here is the origin. Oh no! The Princess has been kidnapped! Time to go save her! Although there had been many Super Mario games, they all go by the same concept. Let’s talk about the first game. Super Mario Bros. is a platform game. Let’s talk about the first game. In the first game, Mario must … Continue reading Super Mario

Sara is Missing

Yay, another old game 🙂 There was another game similar(Simulacra) to this that I might talk about in a future blog. (Warning, the game contains flashing lights and horror elements that are not suggested for the fainthearted) (Also spoilers, duh) (Download: Also available on ios and android) Sara is Missing is a horror text adventure all done on Sara’s phone. Although the game is pretty short, the developer manages to include a lot of horror elements into the game. With glitches and scary pictures, videos, messages, the pressure is put onto you to make the right choice. You also … Continue reading Sara is Missing

The Confraternity of Toast

I recently just played the game and it was weird. There were a lot of other youtubers who have already played this so you might have seen this already. But I was late (Spoiler alert?) (download here: The Confraternity of Toast is a game about… well.. toast. It is a horror adventure game, which I don’t think it’s that scary because there are no jumpscares(except one), there are some creepy things around the game. There is no much about the game to talk about so here is just me talking about the game, or I guess it’s a little … Continue reading The Confraternity of Toast


The horror game Granny had been out for a while now so I’m going to write about it. (Yep, I’m running out of ideas so going to find so old games to talk about, I don’t want to keep talking about the same thing like upcoming games.) (Also forgive me if I’m wrong about anything, it’s been a long while since I last played it) Granny is a horror survival game created after the success of the Slenderina series. The android version of the game came out on November 24th, 2017 while the ios version was released on December 11, … Continue reading Granny

Cat games(cont.)

Let’s have more cat games!!! There were too many cat games so I guess here is another blog post And I’m kind of running out of ideas for blog posts, so if you can leave a comment about what I can write about, that would be great. Sailor Cats Sailor Cat is a fishing game where you have a cat that sailing, trying to find some more friends. The lonely tabby cat wanted to meet some new friends, so a goddess came down and gave it a box to ride and find new friends. The game play is pretty simple … Continue reading Cat games(cont.)

Sally face (part 2)

I’m really sorry, I will finish the last part as soon as possible. I know everything is inconsistent and I’m trying my best to get my life together. I care about all the readers that actually read my blog posts even though it’s pretty much nonsense. I should stop all this chattering and here is another part. (You can buy Sally Face on steam (Also spoilers if you haven’t seen anything about the game because you wanted to played the game.) Episode four is kind of long so here I go(also going to use the second perspective). It starts … Continue reading Sally face (part 2)

Sally Face

(You can buy Sally Face on steam (Also spoilers if you haven’t seen anything about the game because you wanted to played the game.) Welcome back to another blog post of mine. Today, I’ll be talking about the horror adventure game called Sally Face. I’ve fallen in love with this game ever since I first saw it. Recently, episode 4 just came out and gave me an idea to write this. Let’s get on with the blog post. Sally Face is an adventure horror game where you find evidence to solve mysteries, each revealing more about Sal Fisher’s life. In the beginning … Continue reading Sally Face

Cat Games(Apps)

Recently while I was scrolling though the app store to find more games to write about, I see a lot of cat games (I mean, people like cute cat games, right?) So let’s see what we have here! Battle Cats Battle Cats is tower single-player defense where you get cats that would fight against enemies. There is a long narrative in the beginning saying what happened and why the cats are fighting. You start with a macho cat, and you can unlock and buy different cats along the way. Travel across the world to defeat the enemies break their base. … Continue reading Cat Games(Apps)