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(You can buy Sally Face on steam

(Also spoilers if you haven’t seen anything about the game because you wanted to played the game.)

Welcome back to another blog post of mine. Today, I’ll be talking about the horror adventure game called Sally Face.

I’ve fallen in love with this game ever since I first saw it. Recently, episode 4 just came out and gave me an idea to write this. Let’s get on with the blog post.

Sally Face is an adventure horror game where you find evidence to solve mysteries, each revealing more about Sal Fisher’s life.

In the beginning of episode one, you start as Sal, in a hospital. Sal’s face is wrapped in bandages, with blood around. Suddenly, Sal gets a phone call, and the caller is soundly like his father. Sal walks out from the room to many doors. If you walk through the wrong door, then you will get sent back to the beginning. There are little clues that you can find and it will help you though. The rooms seemed to get worse and worse in condition. After the last door, you will be out into a funeral. Talk to dog and now you will be able to go into the grave, the grave of Diane Fisher, Sal’s mother. Passing the door, Sal meets up with his dad. Now you have learned that, Sal was the one who had murdered his own mother.

(If you need help then, the doors you have to go through are D-O-G. The code to the door is… anything. Anything just seems to work.)

The next scene, Sal is an adult, and in an orange jumpsuit. He was put in prison for murder.

After the scene,  episode one officially starts. Sal has moved into a new apartment with his dad. Sal starts to go explore around the apartment, making new friends and learning about his new neighbors. There was a crime scene in 403, with a guard blocking the entrance. With the help of Larry, you found out the murderer was Charley in room 203. You could see that there is blood on one of the pony’s hooves in his room. Also head banging.

Episode 2, Sal is going around the apartment and he finds out that there are ghosts around, which one of them became his friend, Megan. Sal have made some human friends(if you don’t mind my weirdness, I’m actually very tired and my brain is fried) Todd and Ashley, and it seems Sal likes Ashley, let’s just get on with this. Sal tells Todd about how he is able to see ghosts and Todd decides to help. At the end, Sal goes to Larry’s tree house and finds the last haunting spirit.

Episode 3, in the beginning, Sal is in an empty white room. Then, the face from last episode appear, speaking in what seemingly sounds like nonsense, but it is pretty much words jumbled up. Sal is now in an orange jumpsuit. After finishing with the puzzle, Sal is having an interview with a journalist, and the journalist asks,”The viewers are interested in this one: Is it true that you are granted special meat privilege because you are afraid of bologna?” And it brings you to the episode. It is a story about how Todd, Ashley, Larry, and Sal went to see what the bologna meat is made of.  It begins with a doodle, as Sal already have finished his test. Going into lockers, you will learn more about each person.

Sorry, I don’t have enough time since I’m still trying to keep things in order. I’ll try to finish everything soon :).



I thought Sal was a girl in the beginning because of the name and the pigtail.

I also have been busy trying to keep up with everything so I will most likely post 2 blog posts on Fridays.



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