Cat games(cont.)

Let’s have more cat games!!!

There were too many cat games so I guess here is another blog post :/

And I’m kind of running out of ideas for blog posts, so if you can leave a comment about what I can write about, that would be great.

Sailor Cats

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Sailor Cat is a fishing game where you have a cat that sailing, trying to find some more friends. The lonely tabby cat wanted to meet some new friends, so a goddess came down and gave it a box to ride and find new friends. The game play is pretty simple as you only need precision. Find other cats and find other costumes from bottles. Collect relics, and you will move on the map. It’s just a simple and cute game that you can play.


Image result for kleptocats

In KleptoCat, you have let your cat go on a walk in order for it to bring in things it found while it was out on a walk. The cat seems to travel across dimensions, taking whatever they can find.

Cat bird

Image result for cat bird

(catbird is an actually type of bird, but not like the cat bird in the game)

You,cat bird, was sleeping peacefully on your planet when suddenly a meteor hit you and you fell from your planet. You have found yourself on a new planet.

Now you have to pass all the level on all the planets

There is a planet Zipsa where you would be suck into a black hole(or just something, I’m not sure what it is) from your home planet. It’s a planet where you don’t have to unlock to play.

It is a platforming game where there are many things in your way that will stop you from reaching to the end. There are crowns on your way that you can collect, but I’m not sure what it’s for :/

The Baking of Food Cats

This is another game where you collect things, but this time, it is collecting cats that are like food. The cat you see when you first enter the game is a raw cat, combine ingredients with the raw cat in different ratios and create different cats. Wait until your cat finished cooking and you have a food cat!

Cat Condo

It is pretty much like those other merge games. You merge the same types of cat together and you’ll get new cats. The more cats your merge, the bigger the condo gets, and there’s more space where your can put cats. Collect all the cats!


You have your own cat cafe! Adopt cats and give the right cat to the costumer to gain more hearts. When reached the max amount hearts, you will get a basket, including the things you would need to upgrade the cat and get more love. Decorate the cafe and unlock new areas.

Cat Painter

Cat Painter is a game were you would have to paint a picture requested and earn money. Guess the picture that others drew and draw your own to send into contests. Win coins to  upgrade your items. Getting you rank up will give you a higher chance to win in the next contest.

Food Cats – Rescue the Kitties!

Not be confused with “The baking with food cats”, this is a game that is like Clawbert, but with a spring (you know that game where you pull back the spring and the ball goes down? Yeah, I can’t describe that.) The ball lands in a different spot and you will get different prizes. If the ball lands on a box, the box will go into one of your empty slots. Unlock the slots to hatch more cats (can’t describe this) Unlock all the cats

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game ever

Even though the name suggest this is the worst game ever, it’s actually not.

Do you remember the cute angry grumpy cat? Well, new there is a game about her!

Play the minigames to get enought point to get gift boxes. Inside of the boxes are coins that you can use to use the claw machine and win stickers. The stickers can be placed anywhere at that world. As the game progresses, the games are faster and there are less time to complete the minigame.

Maybe I have put too many cat games, I mean, people on the internet is obsessed with cats.


(Surprising, I didn’t use any games this time. Well… I played all the games myself so I can type this blog. Heh.)

(Also, tell me what I should do and improve on.)


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