Gone Home

The player takes the role of Katie in the first-person view, who can move around the house and view and interact with objects. There are no defined goals in the game; however, the game encourages and rewards the player when they explore new areas of the house and search for new messages. Much of the interactivity rests upon looking at objects and notes within the house. In order to progress in the game, the player must find certain objects that unlock access to other parts of the house. On 7 June 1995, 21-year-old Katie Greenbriar returns home from overseas to her family’s … Continue reading Gone Home

Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler is a role-playing game that sports a graphical aesthetic known as “HD-2D”, defined by the developers as combining retro Super NES-style character sprites and textures with polygonal environments and high-definition effects. The game puts players in the role of one of eight adventurers, each of whom begins their journey in different ways. Each character comes from different parts of the world, each of which determines their job or attribute. Each character has a unique Path Ability command that can be used when interacting with NPCs that are divided into two categories: Noble, the ability’s effectiveness dependent by the character’s level or amount … Continue reading Octopath Traveler

Legend Of Kay

For many generations, the mystical land of Yenching had been inhabited by many animals, mainly cats, hares, frogs, and pandas. Because of a religious code called the Way, these four races had prospered throughout the ages in their own separate towns. But as the years passed, the younger generations began to defect from the Way. Ultimately, with no protective code to guide the races, Yenching was invaded by the Gorillas and the Rats (known as the Din), led by Gorilla Minister Shun and Tak, the Rat Alchemist. Minister Shun now rules the majority of Yenching with an iron fist, and … Continue reading Legend Of Kay


Only one blog post this week, sorry. I’m working on an different project that is going to be due next Friday, so I’m going to mostly work on it, meaning I would have less time to make my blog posts nice. And again, I’m really sorry about this. See you all tomorrow 🙂 Continue reading Note


Wandersong is a puzzle adventure video game developed by American-Canadian indie developer Greg Lobanov. A music-themed game, it follows The Bard as they go on a quest to gather pieces of a song that will save the universe from destruction. In the game, the player uses The Bard’s singing to affect the environment, solve puzzles, and defend against enemies. Developed in GameMaker Studio, the game was inspired by Lobanov’s experiences on a cross-country bike trip across the United States and juxtaposes a positive atmosphere and protagonist with an apocalyptic setting. Games such as Kirby’s Epic Yarn and animated cartoons such as Over the Garden Wall and Steven Universe informed the game’s tone, pace, and art style. The … Continue reading Wandersong

Thank You (and answering some of your questions)

This is not a blog post, posting two new blog post later this week. And if you don’t like to hear me ramble, then go read something else. I just wanted to say, thank you to everyone that found and read my blog post ^_^. I didn’t really expect much from the beginning but the unconditional support I get from comments I see makes me really happy. I may not be able to read through most of the comments but I will try to get to you if you have a question. With all the support, I will try to make … Continue reading Thank You (and answering some of your questions)

The Alliance Alive

The Alliance Alive is a role-playing video game in which the player takes control of a group eventually numbering nine characters, navigating an unnamed fantasy world in a quest to free it from the control of otherworldly beings called Daemons. Players explore a world map, first on foot and later using vehicles which can unlock previously inaccessible parts of the map. During the course of the story, the party unites human-staffed Guilds scattered across the land, based in Guild Towers which are either found on the world map or can be built by the player in select locations. There are five types of Guild … Continue reading The Alliance Alive


The game is played from a first-person perspective. The player controls one of the Martyrs condemned to Hell, Amraphel(aka Nimrod) tasked with meeting the Red Goddess, one of the creators of Hell, in an effort to escape and return to the land of the living. Unlike other Martyrs, the player possesses the unique ability to possess both other Martyrs and, later in the game, lesser and higher demons, giving them access to special abilities. Using mechanics such as crouching and holding their breath, the player can avoid demons. Besides hiding, the player needs to solve puzzles in order to unlock new areas. There are … Continue reading Agony