Evolution of Tetris(part 1)

A friend of mine suggested me to write about Tetris since it has been a pretty old game, well not that old. Surprisingly, my mom is actually pretty good at Tetris(Mom, please teach me your skills) Ok, lets get back on track. Most of the game doesn’t have much for a description so it will be short, but there are lot of Tetris games. Tetris is a puzzle game which you use tetrominoes, which are pretty much shapes made out of 4 small blocks, to fill out a row on the bottom to clear a row and level up. As … Continue reading Evolution of Tetris(part 1)

PUBG lawsuits

Let’s take a little break from the small series”Fornite vs similar games” because you are probably tired of seeing the same thing for 2 weeks already. This has been a thing for a while but I will be discussing about the lawsuit that PUBG has dropped. The creator of PUBG has filed lawsuit against many games that is a battle royale related game. One of the lawsuit was against Epic Games, the company that made Fornite. There were many similarities in the battle royale, even though most battle royale games would have the same elements. The PUBG officials had filed … Continue reading PUBG lawsuits

Three reasons to pay attention

Well, in my multimedia class, a lot of the students are being loud and wouldn’t listen to instructions such as being quiet. Which lead me to think, is it important to listen and why should you listen to the instructor’s instruction? In the short essay, I shall explain and answer my question with 3 reasons. The first reason is because you might miss important information and instructions. Missing the instructions or information can be critical to everything, from work to grades. For example, if you don’t pay attention to your instructor, you might miss your due date for you work. … Continue reading Three reasons to pay attention

Fortnite vs similar games(part 2)

This is a continuation of my previous blog post and I would recommend you to read the first part so you will be able to see the differences better. Rule of Survival(ROS) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rules_of_Survival The beta access was released on November 17, 2017. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Android, and IOS. There are two available maps, Ghillie(120 players) and Fearless Fiord(300 players). You will be able to play different game modes such as the gold mode, where players can ear gold, and diamond mode which as the name suggests, players can earn diamonds. In the Fearless Fiord map, there is … Continue reading Fortnite vs similar games(part 2)

Fornite vs similar games(part 1)

This is going to be a small series of me talking about games that are similar to Fornite. But it would mostly be about battle royale games. There will be a link just in case if you want to know a bit more about the game because I will only be briefly explain the game and compare to see what each game have and what is different from the other games. Lastly, there will be a finale part that is pretty much a conclusion that compares everything. So look forward to that! We all know the most popular game is … Continue reading Fornite vs similar games(part 1)

Let’s Start!

I don’t have much to say but welcome! This is going to be a blog about gaming reviews, news, events, etc. I will mostly talk about the more popular games but occasionally there would be reviews about new random games. I’m new to blogging so it wouldn’t be up to your expectations. For my blogs, you will see a picture above the game I’m about to talk about. I will put a link about the game in case you would like to know more about the game.   Continue reading Let’s Start!