Evolution of Tetris(final)

Yay! More Tetris!(I guess?) I don’t really have any other idea at the moment but I’m trying to finish this series that I didn’t even know why I started. I will try to post more for my 7 followers. I have decided to end this series right here because it’s seemed like a really boring series so I guess that’s it Tetris Battle Gaiden (1993) Tetris Battle Gaiden was only released in Japan. The game was released on December 24,  1993 and can be played on the Super Famicon. As I have already mentioned, since it was only released in … Continue reading Evolution of Tetris(final)

For Our Dear Stan Lee

Stan Lee had sadly passed away on November 12, 2018, the cause of death was Pneumonia. He was rushed to the hospital many times already but this was the last time, before he passed away at age 95. In collaboration with other artists, he had created our beloved characters we know today, which soon led up to many popular games today, which is why I dedicate this post to him. This might be different from my usual post but I’m going to talk a bit about Stan Lee. (There are going to be a lot of quotes from thing because … Continue reading For Our Dear Stan Lee


(slight blood warning, for the thumbnail from video) I don’t know if this fits my gaming blog since this is kind of a meme. But it was from Super Mario so why not? It all started when the New Super Mario Bros. U came out. It has introduced a new power-up, the Super crown, which turns Toadette into “Peachette”. Peachette is a princess that have elements that resembles Princess Peach, but there are some differences like the dress, the eyes, and more. The Game Theorist had made a cool theory about how Peachette is going take the throne. Let’s get back … Continue reading Bowsette

Delta Rune

(The game is available and free to download on http://deltarune.com) (SPOILER ALERT) I’m kind of late on talking about this but the creator of Undertale had released another game, Delta Rune. My friend had to remind me and she already finished the game the night after the game was released, that’s how late I was. I’m getting of track so I’m going to begin talking about it. As you may have already known, Delta Rune is another Undertale game. It is not really stated if  it is the sequel, prequel, or just a different version/alternate universe of Undertale. In the picture … Continue reading Delta Rune

Dealing With Negativity(part 2)

I never have much to say but this is a continuation of my last post. I didn’t have time to finish it so I just posted before I could’ve talked about everything. Here is the last 5 tips that Jenn included in her book Really Professional Internet Person. It is a really good book and I suggest you read it. It really inspired me to make a YouTube channel and watch it grow. Anyways, let’s begin! 6)Don’t take it personally Like Jenn’s mom said,”If you don’t know them personally, don’t take it personally.” You have have to care about what people say. … Continue reading Dealing With Negativity(part 2)

Dealing With Negativity (part 1)

I’ve been reading Really Professional Internet Person by Jenn McAllister and it was very inspiring. I do have a YouTube channel but it’s kind of under construction so… yeah. I’m going to talk about the part in the book where it talks about dealing with negativity since it would help with the negative people in your life. I’m going to give some scenarios and ways you can deal with them. Most of them are in the book and you can check it out from page 60 to page 63. 1) Ignore it In the book, Jenn talked about how she wanted to … Continue reading Dealing With Negativity (part 1)

Upcoming game release(part 4)

I really like doing this series because I get to get excited when new games come and when I see the trailer I would always say that I already know. Let’s get you brain ready for some reading!(I will also put in some games that I missed because I just found that they were going to be released.) Overkill’s The Walking Dead Are you ready for Overkill’s The Walking Dead?(Idk why I said that). The release dates ate going to be different for different platforms. It is going to be released first on Microsoft Windows on November 6, 2018 in North … Continue reading Upcoming game release(part 4)