Cat Games(Apps)

Recently while I was scrolling though the app store to find more games to write about, I see a lot of cat games (I mean, people like cute cat games, right?) So let’s see what we have here!

Battle Cats

Image result for battle cats

Battle Cats is tower single-player defense where you get cats that would fight against enemies. There is a long narrative in the beginning saying what happened and why the cats are fighting. You start with a macho cat, and you can unlock and buy different cats along the way. Travel across the world to defeat the enemies break their base. Upgrade the sun power to get more money and get other upgrades to help you along the way. There are also a lot of treasure that you can get after defeating a level/place.

Super Cat Bros.

Image result for super cat bros

It’s pretty a cat version of Super Mario Bros, but a better version of the rage inducing cat Mario(do anyone remember that game?) You start with a black and white cat, Alex. You press on either sides of the screen. When tap on the sides twice, the cat will start to sprint, and with certain cats, their ability will be used. The cat will not be able to jump with controls but when you sprint on an edge, you cat will automatically jump. Most of the game mechanics will be taught in the game. Get coins to but power-ups i stores and get bells and fight bosses to move on with the game.

Neko Atsume 

Neko atsume logo.png

You probably already heard of this game and played it since it was pretty popular for a while. In this game, you buy toys or just objects the cats can play with and fill the feeding dish. After you have left the game for a while, come back and there will be cats waiting for you. Take a picture of the cat to collect a variety of cats.

This is a bit short because I’m going to add the rest in on my next post. I’m really sorry about how inconsistent everything is but I’m going to fix it all soon. The next post will be up pretty soon. See ya!



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