Sally face (part 2)

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I’m really sorry, I will finish the last part as soon as possible. I know everything is inconsistent and I’m trying my best to get my life together. I care about all the readers that actually read my blog posts even though it’s pretty much nonsense.

I should stop all this chattering and here is another part.

(You can buy Sally Face on steam

(Also spoilers if you haven’t seen anything about the game because you wanted to played the game.)

Episode four is kind of long so here I go(also going to use the second perspective). It starts off with a guy in a straitjacket, and there will be a small jump scare. The next scene is in black and white. You then have to admire the Beelzebub’s art, which is kind of creepy. After admiring, you must, in order to leave. There are 5 doors, the fifth one is boarded up and the fourth door is locked. To unlock the fourth door, there are codes scratched and carved onto the walls.

(This is going to be weird to describe… The code to the fourth door is a square with another square inside, rectangle but with the top and bottom pinched in, and the last symbol is a square with an upside down Y on top of it. This is such a weird and horrible description.)

Sal is able to go in and talk to the “art pieces”, learning more about them. Then you can return to Beelzebub to tell him about his art. After so, you will be able to go through the sixth door, but there is no return. Walking into the sixth door, the background seems like it is full of stars. To the right, you will find a TV. After entering the cassette, lost, a woman will appear on the screen. She seemed to be a spirit that is stuck in the TV. After exiting, you will return back, but Sal is now older.

I’m really sorry, to be continued.



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