Evolution of Tetris(part 1)

A friend of mine suggested me to write about Tetris since it has been a pretty old game, well not that old. Surprisingly, my mom is actually pretty good at Tetris(Mom, please teach me your skills) Ok, lets get back on track. Most of the game doesn’t have much for a description so it will be short, but there are lot of Tetris games.

Tetris is a puzzle game which you use tetrominoes, which are pretty much shapes made out of 4 small blocks, to fill out a row on the bottom to clear a row and level up. As the game progressed, the shapes will fall faster, and it makes the game harder. When you clear a level, the pieces that are left will all move down one. You will be able to spin the shapes around to make it fit(great wording skills). You will also earn points by clearing lines, hard drop, soft drop, etc. There are two different algorithms, one of  is when you clear a line, the remaining blocks will float. The other algorithm is the floating block will fall down into empty space, which can create combos. When the blocks stack up to the top, it will be a game over.


Image result for tetris 1984

The first Tetris game was made by Alexey Pajitnov on June 6, 1984, which means Tetris is 30 years old today. As you can see, the words were in Russian, well… the creator was Russian, and I don’t understand what it says, sorry. He originally wanted to use pentominoes, which are shapes that uses 5 blocks, but he decided it would be too difficult to work with due to the many variations of all the shapes. The name was the combination of tetromino and tennis, which I wonder why tennis?

Vs Tetris

(can’t find a good pic for this)

In 1988, Tengen had created a tetris game for Nintendo. It had color, compared to the first game. I couldn’t find much information about this game.


Image result for bloxeed

Bloxeed was an arcade game made in 1989 by Sega. There were lines on the shapes that indicated how many blocks where there(I honestly don’t know how to describe this). The background picture changes as the levels progresses.


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