PUBG lawsuits

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Let’s take a little break from the small series”Fornite vs similar games” because you are probably tired of seeing the same thing for 2 weeks already. This has been a thing for a while but I will be discussing about the lawsuit that PUBG has dropped.

The creator of PUBG has filed lawsuit against many games that is a battle royale related game. One of the lawsuit was against Epic Games, the company that made Fornite. There were many similarities in the battle royale, even though most battle royale games would have the same elements. The PUBG officials had filed the lawsuit in January. It had seemed like the popularity of Fortnite “threatened” the the popularity of PUBG.

As you may already know, Fornite wasn’t a battle royale game before last September. The original game mode was Save the World(which you can hear a bit more about on my Fortnite vs similar games part 1). Luckily, the whole thing resorted to a draw.

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Another lawsuit was against the creator of Knives Out and Rule of survival. There were claims saying how the shrinking of the safe zone, weapons, clothes, and vehicles are similar, which in my opinion is just weird just because someone used the same things that exists in the world(except the safe zone). It’s not like they made it and copyright it. Another thing is, it seemed like Knives Out had copied the phrase “chicken dinner”

There’s not much for me to say about this, they creator of PUBG had “quietly” filed a lawsuit as one source had said. It seemed like they had filed this lawsuit after the beef with Fortnite was over. It seemed like they just want to sue similar games. But why don’t they sue some smaller ripoff games that you can find in the app store or Google play store?

Here’s a link for anyone who wants to know more:

Rule of Survival and Knives Out:



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