Three reasons to pay attention

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Well, in my multimedia class, a lot of the students are being loud and wouldn’t listen to instructions such as being quiet. Which lead me to think, is it important to listen and why should you listen to the instructor’s instruction? In the short essay, I shall explain and answer my question with 3 reasons.

The first reason is because you might miss important information and instructions. Missing the instructions or information can be critical to everything, from work to grades. For example, if you don’t pay attention to your instructor, you might miss your due date for you work. There are two things that can happen. One is that you might think that the due date is early then it actually is, which can make you work harder trying to finish it up, and it can stress you out a lot. The other thing that can happen is that you might think the due date is later then it actually is, which you might procrastinate and do it on the last day or you are just trying to take it easy and do a bit at a time, either way, your work will become overdue.

The second reason might be, you would get confused. Maybe you’re trying to multitask and trying to listen and do something else at the same time. Overtime, you would gravitates more towards the other thing and your brain doesn’t pay as much attention to your instructor. Which you may only hear some parts and soon you’ll be confused, and it can lead to missing the information. When you are confused, you might start asking others, making them not pay attention as they are trying to assist you. Now you have caused a whole chain of confusion.

The third reason is you will be able to get work done quicker. When you pay attention, you will understand what to do and things will be easier for you to finish, because you have a goal in your head, making it clear to you what you should do. Soon, you’ll be finished with your work and you will be proud of yourself. When you finish your work,  then you can do other things, making your life easier.

Overall, you should pay attention no matter what small benefits you can get from it like playing on your phone, talking with your friends, etc. Paying attention can not only help with your grades or work, it can help improve your listening skills. It can make things easier with everyone if you just pay attention. There won’t be any arguments and nobody’s time is wasted.

This was all in my point of view and opinion so it wouldn’t be a good source. But I guess here is something you can look at.


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