Evolution of Tetris(Part 4)

This might take a while to finish so I will try to put in more than I usually would. I don’t want to bore you guys(is any of my content even interesting?). And as always, let’s just get on with the blog post.


Another game with noting else but Tetris in the name, which makes it hard to find anything about it. But in the video(link below starting at 3:41), it said that it is available on cd-i. Same as many other Tetris games, the shapes are assigned to a color and there is a picture in the background. But a thing different from the other Tetris games is that the score, line counter, and next block are all below the Tetris area. At least your eyes don’t have to go all over the place if you want to check on something and play at the same time.

Final Tetris(1993)

(Couldn’t put a picture in)

Final tetris, or 파이널 테트리스, is a Korean arcade game. It is a  It is like multiplayer pk game where you woulg get to choose a character in the beginning. It Bloxeed and Tetris Battle Gaiden where players will be able to get a special ability after clearing a line containing a special block. The tetrominoes will come down with color but when it lands, they are all the same pink color.

Tetris Pro(1993)

Image result for tetris pro

Again, like lots of other games, there not much I could find much on this game. But can be played on Amiga and AmigaOS. The score and the next block is on the left side while the level and lines cleared are on the right. As you play, image in the background fills up line by line. When you complete the picture, you move onto the next level. You would need to clear 20 lines to fill the picture and move on. But after level 2, you still need to clear 20 lines in order to fill the picture and you would need 10 lines move to the next level.

Tetris Classic(1993)

(Couldn’t find a picture)

Again again, there are too many other Tetris game with the name of Tetris Classic. But you can see it in the video below at 4:41. It is available for pc. There is a border around each blocks on the tetrominoes. The scores and lines cleared are all on the top right corner. Although there is also a next there too, but it doesn’t seem to show anything. And the background picture also changes as the game progresses.

Tetris 2 SNES(1993, 1994)

Image result for tetris 2

Tetris 2 was also known as Tetris Flash(Japanese name here). It’s not really like a Tetris game since you have to match the colors on the block to clear it. You might know how this game would be like if I tell you it is like Dr. Mario. It is available for Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Game Boy. The game has a cartoon-ish look which is pretty cool. When you press start, you get to a screen where you can choose the difficulty from either normal or puzzle. Below the difficulty, you can choose either you want to player against another player or against the computer. On the bottom, you can choose the sound which I guess is the block. When you finish with that, you get to another screen where there are more settings! Hooray! On this screen, you can choose the speed of the blocks falling. You can choose from low, medium, and high. You also can choose how many round of the game you have to play to finish. There are different music that you can listen to while you play, or just no music at all. Then the game starts. There is no score or lines in this game but there is the next block box. In order to move onto the next round, you have to clear all the sparkling blocks. When the game finishes, you get to see a silly animation.


That’s all I will put today. There seemed to be a lot of Tetris games created during 1993, I guess that was the period where Tetris was a really popular game. Also I might have put a bit too much on Tetris 2 SNES, well it had a lot of things in the game and it is different from most of the other Tetris games. I guess a Tetris game can be defined as a game with falling blocks and the objective is to clear things. Well, I will see you all very, very soon, later!






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