Gaming World Records

Guinness World Records

I’ve seen some amazing and kind of weird gaming world records that I wanted to attempt but I probably wouldn’t be able to break it. But you can try it out yourself if you can. Good luck if you actually want to try break it them! I’m just going to include some strange ones or just some world records that many you can try to beat.


Most Difficult Super Mario Maker Level Created

The most difficult Super Mario Maker level was created by Alex Tan, or known as “PangaeaPanga”, on February 22, 2018. It has a 0.007636% but 0.00% is shown on the website. The level had only been completed 367 times out of 4,805,934 attempts. But I had found a video of someone who made a completely impossible level and was able to uploaded. But due to it able to be on the 100 Mario challenge, it had to be taken down. Here is the video:


Youngest Professional Videogamer

The world record was achieve by Victor De Leon III or Lil Poison in 2005, in the United States. He was born on May 6, 1998, which makes him 20 years old today. He picked up a Dreamcast controller at age 2 and played NBA 2K. He entered his first Halo tournament at age 4 and soon he was competing at the Major League Games one year later. At age 7, he signed a deal with the Major League Games, making him the youngest signed professional videogamer. If you have a kid and you want to get a world record, then you better start introducing your child to video games. But of course it can have a negative effect on your kid and you don’t want to stress them.


Youngest Gamer to achieve a perfect score on DDR(Dance Dance Revolution)

If your kid couldn’t be a professional gamer, then how about trying to get a perfect score on DDR? The world record was set by Ryota Wada, in Japan(Wakayama) on August 29, 2010. He was the youngest person to get a “AAA” rating on expert difficulty to finish “Hyper Eurobeat”. And on the World Record website, it that he was”aged 9 years 288 days” and I thought it was funny that they made it so specific. Ryota had been playing ever since he was five and he achieve the perfect score thanks to non-slip surface.

I had tried out DDR when I was five and I could’ve keep playing so maybe I could’ve gotten the record.


I am not sure if I should make this a series since there is not much I can see on the website. You can check it out and there are a couple more world records on there. There is also the gaming world record book where you can read if you want. I don’t have anymore things to say so… I will see you all very soon, later! (Totally did not steal that line from someone)



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