Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Idk how much of the game I will spoil but here is a little warning

(Warning, there are some spoilers ahead if you are planning to play the game)

So the new Super Smash Bro. game has been released for a while now. As I have previously mentioned in Upcoming games part 5, there are going to be a total of 74 characters, not including the 6 downloadable characters that are coming out on January 31, 2019. There is also piranha plant from Super Mario that will be released in February available for free for people who bought and registered their game with a My Nintendo account.

Nintendo has teased about the release in March 2018 at the E3 2018. This is now the fifth installment of the Smash Bros. series. Not much about the gameplay had changed from the previous games, you just have to knock your opponents out by weakening them to a point where it is easy to fling them out of the arena. 

The few things that are new are the modes. We first have the original modes like classic and super smash, which you might already about. Next, we have the Smashdown mode, where each character can be played only once. In Squad Strike, players will battle in teams of multiple characters. And the last mode there is Tournament, where 32 players battle.

In another set of mode, instead of gaining trophies, you get spirits instead. Using these spirits can power up a fighter with a special ability, which can be used against your opponents. You would be able to gain the spirits from doing the pre-made challenge that depicts the fighter you choose.

Leading up from the spirit, it is important for the single-player mode World of light. Beginning with the main antagonist, Galeem. He is able to imitate all the attacks that fighter throw at him. Luckily, Kirby is the only one that is able to avoid his attacks by using the warp star. Now Kirby, or the player, is going to have to travel through the world to rescue fighters and gain spirits.

After talking about the single-player mode, you might wonder about the multiplayer mode. You could play local multiplater, local wireless, and online via Wi-Fi or LAN connections. When you defeat someone while playing multiplayer, you can earn tags that can be used to get in-game currency to buy new spirits, music and Mii fighter costumes.

This is kind of short because I have already talked about this in my Upcoming games (part 5). But I was hyped when the game came out. Anyways, this is the end and I totally did not run out of ideas.




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