Evolution of Tetris(final)

Yay! More Tetris!(I guess?)

I don’t really have any other idea at the moment but I’m trying to finish this series that I didn’t even know why I started. I will try to post more for my 7 followers.

I have decided to end this series right here because it’s seemed like a really boring series so I guess that’s it :/

Tetris Battle Gaiden (1993)

Tetris Battle Gaiden.jpg

Tetris Battle Gaiden was only released in Japan. The game was released on December 24,  1993 and can be played on the Super Famicon. As I have already mentioned, since it was only released in Japan, the game is all in Japanese. The player is able to choose the character they can play as after they start the game. (I wish I understand Japanese so I know the plot of the game). There are worlds where the player have to fight against someone, themed to the world selected, same with the background when playing. The players both share the blocks shown in the middle between the two playing areas. when the player has placed, the next block will slide to the top of your play area. There are yellow balls that come on your tetrominoes and when you clear a line clear with the yellow ball, it will go to the side. As the starts to fill up, the yellow arrow will go up with the bar. When the yellow arrow meet up with the purple arrow, the player would be able to use their special ability.

Super Tetris 2 and Bombliss Limited edition (1994)

Image result for super tetris 2 bombliss limited edition

It’s pretty similar to the regular one. The game was released on January 21, 1994. There isn’t much information of the game.

Tetris & Dr. Mario (1994)

Image result for tetris and dr mario snes

It is a mix of Tetris and Dr. Mario, as the name suggests. There are four sections on the screen, showing tetris, Dr. Mario, mixed match, and a screen that just says “game select, press start button ©Nintendo” you first get to choose with game mode you would want to play. Then you get to wither play 1 player, 2 player, or vs computer. If you choose vs computer, then you would have to choose the difficulty for the computer, from easy, medium, and hard. There are also two game types and three types of music.


Since I don’t even know what else to put for any of these. I’m going to have to end this  whole series here. I know this is a horrible post with nothing interesting. There are a lot more that I haven’t talked about but you can see the rest in the video below.






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