Dealing With Negativity(part 2)

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I never have much to say but this is a continuation of my last post. I didn’t have time to finish it so I just posted before I could’ve talked about everything. Here is the last 5 tips that Jenn included in her book Really Professional Internet Person. It is a really good book and I suggest you read it. It really inspired me to make a YouTube channel and watch it grow. Anyways, let’s begin!

6)Don’t take it personally

Like Jenn’s mom said,”If you don’t know them personally, don’t take it personally.” You have have to care about what people say. They probably don’t even know they are doing.

7)Don’t take it seriously

Nobody is perfect, and so what if people laugh at your flaws? It’s not like they don’t have any flaws. Like how I procrastinates on my work and I try to sound professional even though I always feel awkward and I always get off track. Let’s get back on track now. You can always respond to the negative people with a sarcastic comment. “Where did you get your clothes from? The dumpster?” no, I got it from the landfill.

8)Don’t serve it back

Fight fire with fire is never the best choice. You might feel cool and smart with a good comeback but it would just create more drama. If the negative person feels like what she’s doing is not enough, they would go spread rumors about you and get more people to get back at you.

9)Don’t create it

Don’t spread the negativity. Even though it might make you feel bad, you can’t take it out on someone else. It will make them feel bad and they can either take it out on someone else, or they will think that you are a mean and horrible person.

10)Know it’s not about you

You can here people laughing at something that is about you, just ignore it. You might think that they hate you or think that it is silly that you do a thing… Eh… It’s kind of hard for me to explain so I’m going to use example from the book. Jenn have a friends, Hailey, who would laugh at th joke the upperclassmen would made about her. She didn’t care much since Hailey was just a filler friends, but she might have something against her. But Hailey actually didn’t hate Jenn’s videos or posting things on YouTube is stupid. See, it’s not what you think.


So here is the second and final part you probably have been waiting for. If I get hate, I mostly wouldn’t care much, but I will take that as constructive criticism. I know I can’t be perfect or perfect to you. Well, I got to go so see you next week!(I stop stealing people’s line! Well I kinda just changed it)


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